The Restaurant


"a Santa Lucia" is a small monument in the centre of Milan: its welcoming rooms are maintained as they were in the ‘30s: the same chairs, tables, mirrors, and wall lamps; the wood panelling, all taken from the original site in Via Agnello. Everything is simple and original, even the high chair that has been ‘host’ to the children of high Milanese society: the Morattis, the Casatis, the Borlengos and the Sugars. The table where Eduardo De Filippo and Totò used to sit and bow to those who greeted them, just like at the theatre, is still there; you can ask to have dinner where Wanda Osiris used to sit, reaching her table with the same movements and the same smile she had while going down the stairs; or you can choose the table where Mina and Carmelo Bene used to play cards until sunrise. For the ones who love VIPs, a pause at "a Santa Lucia" will be a real leap into today’s celebrities.

At the bottom, from the left: pictures with dedications by Delia Scala, Carmelo Bene together with Vittorio Gassman, Master Muti, a very young Adriano Celentano and Enrico Montesano.

Delia Scala Carmelo Bene, Vittorio Gassman Maestro Muti Adriano Celentano Enrico Montesano